• 30Sep

    We serve, fresh homemade soups – our menu changes daily but we offer dozens every day! We offer creamy and non-creamy soups, as well as vegan and vegetarian options daily. We have baked goods from Corina Bakery in addition to crackers as a perfect supplement to our soups. Feel free to comment or e-mail us with any questions or comments.

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  • abby Says:

    I submitted “like” on your FB page and I dont show anything being sent to me. Do I need to check the page each day or will it be sent to me on my own wall?

  • abby Says:

    LOVE THE SOUPS by the way! I have converted ten people at least to it now. Even my brother from Bellingham says he wishes he had one of you up there in that area. :) Maybe you should think about expanding.

  • infinitesoups Says:

    It should show up in your ‘News Feed’ everyday. There’s usually multiple updates for the different varieties of soups (creamy, vegetarian/vegan, etc.). Let me know if it’s working! The Webmaster :)

  • infinitesoups Says:

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Peggy Passmore Says:

    I have to say… this is the best soup I’ve ever had, I visit infinite soups at least 4 to 5 days a week. Despite the price being more than reasonable, the owners/staff are awesome. Every day I see the owners who not only concoct these amazing soups but work their buts off trying to be friendly (despite rarely taking time off and having the same problems that we all have, deaths, sickness, stress, etc.)day in and day out dealing with rude entitled folks, they remain friendly people. I don’t known these people other than frequenting their establishment and I’m amaized on how they do it. Great soup, more than a variety of choices, cheap prices, and an awesome faimly! The soup sells its self, but the owners rock in my book! So happy to have found infinite soups! :)

  • Andrew Says:

    I have been eating your wonderful soups for 4-5 years. I have never tasted a soup i didn’t enjoy and never had a visit that i didn’t cherish. I always make sure to take or give directions to someone when they ask me “whats Infinite soups?”. That should never be a question. I appreciate the music playing from and old record player instead of the radio when i walk in, it gives the chance to bond on another personal level. I also like that you can’t eat your soup in the shop, it makes me go out and do something every visti…go to the park…stop by a friends home with some good eatings. Now I’m getting hungry. Off to the soup shop i go! : )

  • Sabrina Says:

    Picked up soup for the office today, everyone loved the soups!! I tried the Potato Gorgonzola and Moroccan Vegetable, delicious!!!!

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